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Creating Connections to the Musical World

Like so many others, music is a central and pivotal part of my day-to-day life.  And, I find that many people are seeking to strengthen their connection to music, or to create that connection for the first time – to make the joy and meaning of music more present in their lives every day.

My work is focused on discovering and sharing ways to help people connect with music and sound, through lectures, workshops, documentary media, and the research and scholarly musical understanding that support these events and activities.

This pursuit is an outgrowth of my own journey, as a lifelong lover of music, a performing musician and musical researcher, and a communications professional for over 25 years. I’ve engaged in formal musical studies, private lessons with people I consider pedagogical masters, and untold hours in the practice room.

Scholarly research into music, anthropology and cognitive sciences, and field experience in West Africa, have deepened my appreciation of the significant role of music in every human culture, heart and mind. By documenting musical culture, performance and history – and sharing what I’ve discovered through lectures, films, workshop experiences and interactive presentations – I’ve developed tools to help each of us more deeply connect with our own musical resonance and musical life.

You can learn more about my training and professional background through my CV.

But for now, know that if you’re seeking a path to deeper “musical connection”, or are part of a group or organization with a similar interest, I’d enjoy helping to facilitate your journey.

In the spirit of musical exploration…